Friday, 27 April 2012


During the last war, the forest by Speech House was turned in to a large ammunition dump and even now all these years later some parts of the camp are still visible, but the forest is slowly covering it up.
The main camp was half way down Spruce Tree Ride,and a lot of the mustard gas and bombs were brought in to the camp by train on a track that today forms part of the forest cycle track. below are a few of the things that are still visible

Amongst the trees are many remains to indicate this former depot including concrete roads and hut foundations and 3 brick constructed bunkers used for the post war disposal of small arms ammunition.This site was at one time reputed to be one of the biggest above ground ordnance depots in the UK. Large quantities of Mustard Gas were stored here although thankfully it was of course never used during WW2. The amount of explosives stored on this site was such that the area was only finally cleared and declared totally safe in 1957.


  1. and i bet there's still 'relics' to be found there. yikes!

  2. Thanks Peter, I didn't know that. EXCELLENT PHOTOS.