Tuesday, 10 July 2012

CITY OF TRURO (1st train to do 100 mph )

City of Truro was timed at 8.8 seconds between two quarter-mile posts whilst hauling the "Ocean Mails" special from Plymouth to London Paddington on 9 May 1904. This timing was recorded from the train by Charles Rous-Marten, who wrote for The Railway Magazine and other journals. If exact (Rous-Marten’s stopwatch read in multiples of 1/5 second), this time would correspond to a speed of 102.3 mph (164.6 km/h), while 9 seconds would correspond to exactly 100 mph.
These photo i took last year when the train came to the Forest Of Dean Railway.


  1. Aahh those were the days! A beautiful piece of engineering, and well photographed Peter...[;o)

  2. what a BEAUTY!!! lovely old beast!

  3. Beautiful engine. Did it go at speed along the Forest of Dean railway?

  4. YES...Theresa is right...that is a beauty! is my 25st weeding anniversary...I Praise the Lord!
    have a blesses day.

  5. Good to see this old steam train to Peter.

    Greetings Tinie

  6. What a beauty and nice photos by you of it's visit!