Wednesday, 31 October 2012

WITCH ( pun intended) VANE WOULD YOU HAVE ?

I spotted this vane yesterday,and with halloween the next day i thought how apt. Over a glass or two of red wine last night i thought what made the person who lives in this house, go to the expense of having it made and what does it say about them ? Perhaps she IS A WITCH!!!!!
My question to you if your reading this post is. What would you have on your weather vane if you had one made and why ?
Me....I would have a large German Shepherd dog in memory of my old dog "Lewis"


  1. that is PERFECT! and you only saw it yesterday? talk about timing...

    hmmm. i'd have to think about what i'd put on a weather vane. i love dogs, horses, cats, birds, trees. yup, would probably go for a tree.

  2. I love the "witch vane" that's a winner. Your German Shepherd is beautiful, to nice put there.

  3. well, I do non have one...but if I had I would like to have a Huge pen, because I'm a teacher...a Literature teacher...