Saturday, 7 September 2013


Many thanks to ADRIAN for posting one of these, note the spider


  1. AWESOME spider legs! and neat bloom!

  2. HI Looks very big and great shot of spider.

  3. heel apart maar erg mooi.

  4. Peter a very nice Pincushion but the spider is not a spider it's a Harvestman. They have their body all in one lump and not two like the spiders.....Thanks for the mention.

  5. PS. Peter I have seen dozens of these and will have to start counting. Many seem to have seven legs. Maybe they all do.

  6. Great capture Peter...[;o)

    Adrian is spot on with the ID. If you're wondering why they're sometimes seen with missing legs this info taken from the UK Safari web site might be of interest...

    Harvestmen (opiliones)
    There are 27 species of harvestmen found in the British Isles.
    They have eight legs, the second pair being slightly longer than the other three pairs. These legs are used as sensory organs to feel their surroundings. They are constantly in motion as the creature moves, tapping all around, in a similar fashion to a blind person using a stick.

    When attacked, harvestmen are able to shed a leg as a defensive trick. Even after the leg becomes detached from the body it continues to jump and flick about. This distracts the predator while the harvestman makes its escape. They are able to shed up to four legs in this way, but they need to retain at least one of the sensory legs to survive.
    © UK Safari web site

    1. Thanks for that Trevor. I found four this morning and none had a full compliment of limbs.

  7. a beautiful snapshot Peter; love the pincushion flower but to also have the spider included was a bonus

  8. Nice find. Never seen a Robin's Pincushion before, interesting and beautiful flowering plant! Also interesting information on harvestman spiders in the comments for this picture.

  9. The Bedeguar I always find a very beautiful face in the roses. It is not good that he is there but it does give a nice picture :-)

    Regards, Helma