Tuesday, 12 August 2014


I saw this field full of these bales the other day and thought about taking a photo, the next day the farmer had removed all but a few of them.............serves me right, keep your camera with you!!!!


  1. juist de eenvoud van de rollen maakt het zo mooi.

  2. indeed. :) love to see a field full of bales - a couple will have to do. ;)

  3. Lovely view. I really like landscapes with bales dotted in them.

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  4. sounds like what happens to me. still you made a lovely image.

  5. Happy you were able to catch a few bales . . . Great Pictures . . .

  6. Peter I had tears in my eyes when you spoke of your love of your buddy dog walking and then the rest of your profile message. I am female but my dog was my all. I walked my do, played with her, fed her. Petted her. She was my everything besides my hubby and children of course.

    I miss her dearly. She was old in dogs ages when she died . My both sons have loss there dog buddies . So it is heart breaking. My one son two weeks ago. Poor Teddy was taken so quick with his cancer. Now your on your own. You and your camera .. Your gift Peter is photography for sure. I joined to follow you with many of your fans. Keep healthy my man. Don't over walk your journeys but your happy now what you do and you are now fully appreciating what we all did like you. Took scenery and things for granted. Now your Granted has become Gratitude. Wonderful Peter. I am glad I have dropped in to follow you. Keep writing also. Peter that is another gift you have been blessed with.