Saturday, 6 August 2016


I have just had Windows 10 put on my computer and i cant find anything any more, i feel like putting one of these pins in my eye  i'm so mad , so posting may take some time !!! What it is to be  old


  1. I agree, why of why do they change these so often!! Please don't put one of those pins in your eye. It would mmake wprking out of NO 10 more difficult!!! Hope you are having a great weekend.

  2. I didn't have any trouble but it is useful to know that if you right click the start button you get a sub menus which is all but identical to Windows 7.

  3. laughing... :) good luck! i installed it and did fine, but i don't use a lot of photo programs and the like, so didn't have much to search for other than photos on my hard drive(s).

  4. my post today is on this subject. people who say they see no difference are only reading and not doing things. it is not compatible with photoshop and that is my big thing plus unalbe to find what i knew for years

    1. Sandra, my Windows 10 is totally unchanged, it matters not a jot whether I use CS6 with plug-ins Blender, Fusion or any other stuff like Zerene. Maybe I was lucky. The only time I have noticed a change was when I've left Bridge open twice then the bottom tool bar isn't available on the monitor screen. Show me the problem with a screen grab or two and I'll try and help.